Tysen Tripp

About Me

Tysen Tripp is the son of Tyler Tripp and Katrina Holcomb and is a senior of Anna-Jonesboro High School’s class of 2024. He is a member of Student Council, Beta Club, National Honor Society, and the Student Advisory Council. He is also the Beta Club’s president.


Tysen’s hobbies include drawing, golfing, and playing video games.


After high school, he plans to go to college to pursue a career as a lawyer.


About My Business

Union Print is a 3D Printing product and service provider based in Union County, Illinois. Union Print’s owner, Tysen Tripp, endeavors to provide the local area with a wider selection of 3D printed goods that may be either bought from his Facebook or acquired through direct commission, allowing Union Print’s customers to request the construction of unique items designed to fit their specific needs. 3D printing uses a computerized machine to turn 3D computer models into reality by building them with plastic filament loaded into the machine.






DISC Characteristics

  • Inquisitive, Conservative, Mild, Agreeable, Deliberate
  • Sociable, Poised, Charming, Convincing, Reflective
  • Predictable, Passive, Complacent, Stable, Consistent
  • Perfectionist, Systematic, Careful, Analytical, Orderly