Drake Campbell

About Me

Drake Campbell is a 2023 graduate from Cobden High School He currently works part time at Buckle in Carbondale and is working full time for his business, Mallard LawnCare Co.



After high school, Drake plans to study at Shawnee Community College and get an assiciates degree in Ag Business. Drake plans on continuing his CEO business, Mallard LawnCare Co.. Once Drake turns 21, he will begin his training for the Illinois State Police. Drake would like to say, don't forget to check out Malllard LawnCare Co. on Facebook and Instagram.


"During my CEO experience, I have learned many different skills and had so many wonderful opportunities. My social skills have taken a huge jump from what they were at the beginning of the year. We have visited many places, but I would have to say my favorite was Heartland Lumber with Mr. Noah Prater. I am so excited to see how my personal business will flourish."








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