Madddox Thorpe

About Me

Maddox Thorpe, is a senior at Anna Jonesboro High School.  Maddox has completed 3 of his 4 years of high school while maintaining mostly A’s and a few B’s. As a freshman Maddox was enrolled in Advanced Algebra 1 and has been able to continue on and be a part of Calculus as a senior. Maddox is a member of the Spanish Club, FCA, the soccer team and the basketball team. Outside of school, Maddox enjoys spending time with his friends, playing sports, video games, and of course spending time with his family playing with his baby brother. After graduation, Maddox plans to attend college.  He is still unsure of what he would like to do with his life after high school but hopes that being in the Union County CEO Program this year, will open up ideas for him for his future.






DISC Characteristics

  • When under pressure, you can become more of a one-way communicator (from you to others).
  • For really important tasks, you may prefer to work alone without too much involvement from others.
  • You can accept change, but you require a good argument for it first.
  • You prefer an environment that is precise and detailed.