Gabriel Thompson

About Me

Gabe Thompson is a senior at Shawnee High School.  At Shawnee High School, Gabe is involved in Beta Club, AV Club, and Scholar Bowl.  Gabe has also been involved in martial arts such as kempo, tae kwon do, and Ju-Jitsu.  Gabe is currently employed at Kroger in Anna as a cashier.  Gabe's motivation for self-improvement is what inspired him to apply for Union County CEO.  He intends to join the Airforce after graduation.  

About My Business

My business is Seriously Stellar Sales. How many people do you know who bought an item off the internet in the last month? Possibly even in the last week? In 2018 a staggering 1.8 billion people bought items off of E-commerce sites such as Ebay and Amazon! My business involves buying items on sale in retail stores and reselling them on E-commerce platforms such as those for a substantial profit. So keep on the lookout for any seriously stellar deals!