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Brooke Miller
Brooke Miller, owner of The Old Feed Store, discussed the path that lead her from Cobden to Sydney, Australia  and back again.  Brooke wears many hats including being the Director of Clinical Education and professor at SIU's School of Medicine, a board member for Union County CEO and mother of two young boys just to name a few! The class was impressed with her ability to juggle all these roles but was most impressed with her comment that her family always comes first. Her statement, "Failures defeat you, or make you a stronger person" echoes previous speakers' comments that failures are just a way to learn and grow and are to be expected at times. 

Banking 101

Glenda Boone
Glenda Boone from US Bank in Cobden reviewed  much needed financial information for young adults as they look to graduate high school and move onto new jobs and college. Glenda talked about how quickly credit card debt can accumulate and the difficulty of paying it off due to finance charges.  The class is very excited to take a tour of the bank in the next few weeks.  

Rusty's Home Center

Rusty Flamm
At Rusty's Home Center, Rusty Flamm gave the class a tour of his buildings and discussed the growth and changes over the years of owning the business. Rusty's comment "Think outside the box. If it's always been done that way, why?" really hit home with the class to question how and why things are done a certain way and to think "Is there a better way?"  Rusty emphasized that appearance makes a big difference in the workforce and that customer service is key to a succesful business.  

Student Journal Highlights for this week

On meeting with Brooke Miller:  When she started to talk about her past experiences one thing stood out to me.  She was really calm and composed when she spoke to us. Once I noticed this, I was immediately inspired to be as outspoken and confident as she was when she spoke to us.

On Glenda Boone:  She was able to share some stories about common financial mistakes and how to avoid them. This is going to be huge for us going forward as we start our class business and eventually our own.

John Russell

John Russell
Wednesday, October 4, 2017Learn More About John

 On Rusty Flamm:  My favorite quote from Rusty was, “You don’t have to know it all as long as you’re willing to learn it”.

John Russell

John Russell
Thursday, October 5, 2017Learn More About John

On Rusty Flamm:  He gave us information on how his business started and I found it all very encouraging to not give up on any of my goals for my business.

Cheyenne Thorn

Cheyenne Thorn
Thursday, October 5, 2017Learn More About Cheyenne

On Rusty Flamm:  I think that everything he shared with us is valuable.  For example, that one has to be interactive, have people skills, and be presentable in order to have a better  advantage in being successful.

Megan Rhine

Megan Rhine
Thursday, October 5, 2017Learn More About Megan

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