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Permission to Screw Up

Kristen Hadeed

Midland Institute has offered a new program called Speak Spotlight and on  Monday of this week, we viewed  a pre-recorded interview with Austin Brooks from Midland Institue and entrepreneur, Kristen Hadeed. Kristen is a young entrepreneur who set out to make enough money cleaning a house to buy a pair of jeans and ended up starting a business, Student Maid,while still in college. The pre-recorded interview was a wonderful way for us to be exposed to a speaker that normally we would not have access to.  We can't wait for the next Spotlight Speaker! 


In September, the students each took the Professional Dynametric Program (PDP) personality test. The PDP is a  powerful tool used to  measure and define personal strengths.   After taking the PDP, the results were revealed and we discussed our highest personality trait, its characteristcs and how we can utilize other personality traits when needed.  The results were discussed in the framework of how all of our highest personality traits create a functioning team and that having a variety of personality traits helps to ensure that the team is succesful. You may notice an addition in some of the photos! John Nimmo popped in to say Hello while we were at  RE/max Southern home base. 

How your money affects your community

Susan Odum and Nancy Lambert
Susan Odum and Nancy Lambert with the U of I Extension Center gave the class a very insightful presentation regarding the economy in Union County and how shopping within your own city, county and even state can impact it. The students did an activity in which they were given money and some students purchased within their community several times, and others went outside the community with their money. As we watched the money exchange hands within the community, we could see how it benefited the local econemy but if the money was used to shop online or go to a different city/state, we saw how the money left and didn't come back to our community.  

Midland Institute

Amy Tarr
The students were very excited to meet Amy Tarr from Midland Institute.  Amy joined class for the day and listened in on Susan Odum and Nancy Lambert's presentation regarding how spending our money in and out of our community impacts our economy.  

Union County Chamber of Commerce

Bonni Littleton
Bonni Littleton with the Union County Chamber of Commerce joined class one day to discuss the benefits of the students joining the Chamber. The students joined and look forward to attending meetings as their schedules allow and also assisting with the Chamber's yearly gala. 

Student Journal Highlights for this week

On Kristen Hadeed:  The story of Kristen gave me confidence to not give up. She went through a lot for a goal and became a stronger person because of it  and her business continued to grow.
Cheyenne Thorn

Cheyenne Thorn
Monday, September 25, 2017Learn More About Cheyenne

On Kristen Hadeed: Kristen mentioned a few things that reasonated with me-It's okay to mess up as long as you learn from it and You have to take growth into your own hands.
On Kristen Hadeed: Kristen's ability to take in failure and struggle, then turn around and make it into a successful business is one of the most inspiring business stories I have heard. 
Bryce Osman

Bryce Osman
Monday, September 25, 2017Learn More About Bryce

On the PDP: The PDP was very eye opening in the sense that we are all very different but we work together and strengthen each others' weaknesses.
Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers
Tuesday, September 26, 2017Learn More About Alex

On Susan Odum and Nancy Lambert's presentation:  The exercise we did, where we passed the money around was truly eye opening. I never thought it through that once we take our money out of our area, it’s gone.
Zoe Fuhrhop

Zoe Fuhrhop
Wednesday, September 27, 2017Learn More About Zoe

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