Week 35 Going too quickly!

CEO Guest Speakers

Dr. Charlie Haire and Dr. Lindsey Bailey, Haire Veterinary Clinic

Larry and Mindy Carter

Nick and Jerri Schaefer with Colten Penrod

Student Journal Highlights for this week

This week has been good because we have met some of the best people in our community. I have to say that if you asked me how this week would turn out I never expected all this! Dr. Charlie Haire and Dr. Lindsey Bailey are prime examples. Right when I thought I had heard it all and there may not be any new advice by the end of the year, that's when Mr. Haire surprised me and others with a great piece of advice that even if you are not the smartest, it's the person that works the hardest and has the best ethics that ends up on top.

Dr. Haire gave us a lot more than just his story. He also gave us tons of life advice. Dr. Haire’s MRI was one of the coolest things. For other vets, it's hard for them to diagnose certain things, but with his machine he can find a lot of things.

I really enjoyed this visit because I’ve always been interested in animal vet science and when I was young I wanted to be a veterinarian. What surprised me the most was that Haire Veterinary Clinic in Union County has one of only three MRI machines in personal practice in the heartland region. I thought this was a great way that they differentiated themselves from their competitors, or as Mr. Haire would say, “The best way to survive in any business is to separate yourself from the pack.” I also found that very amusing that without realizing it he never said group, he always said pack.

Schaefer Excavating was a very interesting visit, but when you visit places like this it amazes you how they make money because of all the money they have to put into the business. Then who would have thought Mr. Schaefer along with Robbie Ralls would go down to New Orleans and help after the hurricane? To then learn about 4P Waterfowl, a business owned by Colten Penrod, one of their employees, was another story in itself. I still get amazed about what Union County has to offer.

Aaron Lence

Aaron Lence
Wednesday, May 3, 2017Learn More About Aaron

I was very interested in Mr. Penrod and his duck “business”. It was amazing to hear that he has some extremely rare ducks! Even to the point the Smithsonian has given him ducks! That is amazing!! Right here in Union County. That has to be history in the making for sure! I wish that Mr. Schaefer would have started out with the story of his crew going down to clean up after Katrina. The stories were awful, but it definitely showed us how he is a very helpful person! What an interesting visit!

Larry and Mindy Carter came and talked to us about their experiences in life. As I called them to ask them some questions for hosting, Mr. Carter talked with me for a few minutes on volunteer work in the community and then again in the class, talking about the importance of stepping up and helping out. He and his wife are so involved in our community doing what they can to help out. Mindy Carter has visited our class several times and has supported as at our trade show and other events. She is a very good example of the type of support that is behind us. People really care about us and what we are doing.

I'm really very sad that CEO has only one more week. This has been such an amazing experience. It's taken me out of my comfort zone and made me do things that I never would have even dreamed of doing. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of this and to meet so many amazing people. I know that CEO is going to be something I take with me all my life and use the lessons every day.

Jessa Bond

Jessa Bond
Thursday, May 4, 2017Learn More About Jessa

Before I add Julian's wrap up this week, I'd like to interject some of my reflections, and I can only put something at the end of the newsletter by hijacking someone's space...

This has been a remarkable week in CEO.  You would think that by the 35th week, interest would wain and speakers would have trouble keeping students engaged.  Not so!  So many words of wisdom throughout our year came together this week in unexected ways.  At the end of the week, Larry Carter shared two of his favorite quotes that helped these concepts gel.  First, Ted Kennedy quoting John Kennedy's paraphrase from George Bernard Shaw, "Some men see things as they are and say, 'Why?"  I dream of things that never were and say, 'Why not?'"

This week alone we met several people who approached something with that "Why not?" attitude.  Mindy Carter agreeing to organize and provide a meal for hundreds served in shifts over a 24 hour period; Charlie Haire becoming an expert and purchasing an MRI machine to serve a large region; Nick Schaefer attacking a dangerous sand boil in a levy with a bulldozer; Nick and Jerri starting a vacation rental in a dilapidated home; Larry Carter leaving his comfort zone of education which led to pharmaceutical sales.

Second, John Kennedy's famous "Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country."  Change country to community or even fellow man or woman, and more examples came to light.  Nick spoke of working with the Katrina clean up.  Mindy also did that at a different time.  Larry spoke of the importance of helping to build a community people want to live in that is safe, and has good health care,  good schools, and strong churches and how he had helped serve on some of those boards.  This year we have heard of literally dozens of ways local business people give back to others, so this makes sense.

Our speakers are often afraid they will seem boastful when they tell us the things they have done or accomplished, but we remind them that this is what we want.   They are being role models for the next generation.  We are all so appreciative for the time, energy, and resources so many share.  Even the students realize that when our speakers are with us, many are giving up income for that time period. Thank you for sharing with the leaders of tomorrow.  EB

And now, back to Julian's closing thoughts.

Overall, I think this week has been good. I have learned new skills, gained great advice, and spent another week with an amazing group of people.I will miss CEO and since the last week is already upon us, I really want to show my appreciation to the ones that donate their time, money, and resources to better our community 5, 6, 8, 12, or more students at a time.

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