Week 27

Please remember to pick up your copy of the Gazette-Democrat this week to get your free 12 page "Hearing Our Hometown Heartbeat" insert. The team has literally worked for months to share stories from a variety of people in our communty and our CEO team. Even the ads have reminders of interesting facts about our local businesses and organizations. Thank you to Jerry Reppert for partnering with CEO Team 17 and to Lindsey Vaughn of The Gazette-Democrat for her answering their many, many questions!

Shad's Pizza at 7:30am, Why Not!

Peter Dirks, Whiffleboys Pizza

Candy Eastwood, SBDC at Shawnee College

Lyn Crabtree and Alex Foeller with Kyle Vosburg, Masters Choice

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Since we’ve been so focused on our business plans, Mrs. B let us have the pizza party we negotiated. While we ate, we watched an episode of "Shark Tank." I thought it was humorous because we were asking all these questions and criticizing the things we didn’t or did hear from the people.

Jessa Bond

Jessa Bond
Monday, February 27, 2017Learn More About Jessa

I was not expecting the owner of Whiffleboys Pizza, Peter Dirks, to also work for SIU in the College of Agriculture. It was also very interesting that he gave us scenarios from his agri-business background to figure out what to do if we were the business owners. It made us all think very hard.

Aaron Lence

Aaron Lence
Tuesday, February 28, 2017Learn More About Aaron

Mr. Peter Dirks, owner of Whiffleboys Pizza, has a lot of useful advice. Something that really stuck with me is when he said, “Everything is a prediction in life.” That really helped me understand that not everything is set in stone, not everything is the end of the world. Because in all reality everything is just a prediction. That isn't just going to help with my business but in my life in general. I believe now that success is putting effort, time, money and your heart into anything and everything you do. I really enjoyed the visit to Whiffleboys, and I will be back but this time for pizza!

Pizza is something that means a lot to my family and me because of a family recipe. Getting to make some for the class on Monday was a blast. It was even better since everyone seemed to really like it.

Business plans are coming along nicely along with the help of people like Mrs. Eastwood who give up their time to help us. She had this neat program that allowed us to put in our numbers which would give us a rough estimate to what will be making yearly after our expenses. Getting closer and closer to having a business and I just can’t wait.

Shad Turner

Shad Turner
Thursday, March 2, 2017Learn More About Shad

Something that really wowed me is that Mr. Lyn Crabtree of Masters Choice isn’t just trying to sell corn, he is trying to change the corn industry! I had never thought of a business not only selling a product but changing the whole basis of the industry. Right here in Union County, a company with 5 facilities, and a whole lot of knowledge about corn is changing the way a billion-dollar industry works. Mr. Crabtree and his team have come up with a floury type of corn used to feed cattle. His corn has been proven to be better for cows than other corn produced.

Something that really stuck with me is when he said, “Everyone in this community is willing and ready to help you.” I really needed to hear that. Thank you, Mr. Crabtree, for letting us use your building as a home base and giving us your wonderful knowledge!

I also enjoyed the visit to Masters Choice because I understood what they were telling us. Although cattle and their digestive tracts aren’t the same as horses, when it comes to how they digest corn it’s actually pretty similar. For a horse the corn kernel has to be already broken for them to obtain the starch and energy inside the corn. When race horses eat corn for energy, a lot of that corn is wasted and comes out before it can be fully broken down. Masters Choice’s flowery corn breaks down faster and is lighter so it stays in the digestive tract longer. Not only would this be beneficial to cows and other animals that are raised for meat, but in the horse realm there would be a lot of wealthy race horse owners that would love to get their hands on corn that would break down faster and give more energy to the horse.

The best thing related to CEO this week had to be the completion of the “Hearing our Hometown Heartbeat” business. It was a lot of stress but also a lot of fun. We learned many new skills and enhanced old ones. I love this idea of a publication that helps promote us and the businesses that help us. It's almost like a “circle of love”, haha, kind of funny seeing how an article is named that. But seriously I am proud of everyone for coming together to make this amazing challenge happen. No matter the size of the role each played it was all important to the overall success. (Plus it was also nice to learn a lot about Photoshop and Indesign that I never knew before)

Julian Smith

Julian Smith
Saturday, March 4, 2017Learn More About Julian

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