Week 21

Research Days

The CEO Team 17 members have totally shifted gears from their group class business to their individual businesses. They have been researching ideas, materials,and competitors. They are experimenting with samples and processes. They are asking questions and taking full advantage of resources and people they have met through networking opportunities.They are bouncing ideas of their mentors and are beginning to work on their business plans. Here are some photos sent when the facilitator said, "Show me that you are researching." Cats, cocoa, pjs, texts, comparing prices in stores and online, it's all ok.

Country Financial Charlotte Clover, Danielle Stevens, Angie Bailey

Union County Chamber Director, Bonni Littleton

AJ Rotary Presentation

Aaron Goeckner, Effingham CEO Alumnus

Student Journal Highlights for this week

This week in Union County CEO we got the chance to visit Anna’s Country Financial with Mrs. Charlotte Clover and Mrs. Danielle Stevens, and learned about the insurance industry. Mrs. Charlotte Clover said, “Your credit score weighs greatly, even on your insurance.” I didn’t know that before and this is just another incentive to make sure I start my credit off right. I’ve been hearing quite a bit about credit and the more I learn the more glad I am that I’ve gotten the chance to hear about these subjects before I make influential decisions in my future. Mrs. Danielle Stevens told us, “Insurance is a promise. A promise to pay.” When asked about advertising, they gave us this advice, “You always need to be prospecting for new business, because that is the way your business grows through the years.”

Erin Dillow

Erin Dillow
Tuesday, January 17, 2017Learn More About Erin

The CEO team has volunteered to help decorate and help at the Union County Chamber of Commerce’s second annual Gala Ball,Saturday, January 28. This year it is a masquerade ball. Mrs. Bonni Littleton came to speak to our class on Tuesday about what we were going to help with. Some of the students will be greeting at the door, checking people in, selling raffle tickets, and assisting anyone in need. I personally am extremely excited for the Gala! I really enjoy planning events in my community and helping decorate and run the event.

Jessica Glasco

Jessica Glasco
Wednesday, January 18, 2017Learn More About Jessica

I didn’t know a lot about a Rotary Club until we got to sit in on a meeting. They do a lot of great things such as community work and scholarships. They do things to help exchange students. I really enjoyed the meeting. I was happy to present our presentation to them and get applause from them which meant a lot.

Aaron Lence

Aaron Lence
Thursday, January 19, 2017Learn More About Aaron

I have been working a lot on my personal business, and it's odd how mine is coming together. I have unintentionally skipped some of the planning stages and now I'm working on my service. I have clients and space and many other resources to provide my clients with great service but I'm almost stuck now because I have not figured out my prices and full list of services. Since I was stuck I contacted a few people in my list of past visits and speakers. Aaron Goeckner has been in the CEO program and has had many successes from his time with CEO, so I contacted him for advice and he decided to come speak with us about his personal experiences and how we could apply them to our business. Mr. Goeckner gave me lots of great advice about my pricing and how I should set my price where I'm comfortable telling a customer to price check others and see that I'm the best deal. I think with his advice and that of the others who responded to my emails, I will soon have my process figured out.

Julian Smith

Julian Smith
Friday, January 20, 2017Learn More About Julian

In everything that we have done in CEO so far, our personal business is a whole new ball game, to borrow the colloquialism. I’ve spent a lot of my free time looking at skirt-making shops online and have contacted a few about how they made a certain type of skirt or design. There are many options to think about for someone in my position. With all the different types of skirts or different materials, the opportunities are endless it seems. I'm going to add another product to my business. I believe I am going to create flower headbands and flowers to be worn like a brooch. Aaron Goeckner talked to us on Friday about the pricing for our products so, this weekend I have been researching the prices of other businesses to compare.

Jessa Bond

Jessa Bond
Saturday, January 21, 2017Learn More About Jessa

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